Ralphie helps with the microwave!

Ralphie noticed that our microwave, which was usually secured on the wall above the stove, was laying on the kitchen floor today.


Ralphie noticed this immediately since it was taking up prime floor space for lounging. He offered his assistance with hanging it back up.


I told Ralphie that it was too difficult a job for a little dog.

Unable to take no for an answer, he proudly walked over to Steve’s tools and brought back this:


However, Ralphie didn’t realize that a caulking gun wasn’t needed. He just thought it looked important.

I asked him to return it and mentioned that we needed a drill for this job. He grabbed one, but Ralphie knew in his heart that he would not be able to use this tool:


Upon seeing this I laughed. I explained to Ralphie that he would only be able to use that tool if he had opposable thumbs!

“Bummer,” exclaimed Ralphie. However, he was determined to help in any way he could. In fact, he realized that if he was to help out, then he better wear protective eyewear.


Needless, Ralphie is quite smart.

I thanked him for his power tool safety astuteness and offered him a treat if he indeed got the job done.


He went into the kitchen and came out after about an hour.


“Well, after much trial an error, I got the job done,” Ralphie said proudly.

So, I walked into the kitchen and to my dismay I saw this:


I had no idea how he accomplished such a huge task. I asked, but he refused to share his secret. So, it was looking like I needed pay up.


Here you go, little guy!


Thank you, Ralphie!


You are quite welcome, Sanna.