Ralphie at his Grandparents Part 2


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Ralphie had a great time at his grandparent’s house. He was certainly kept busy! Each morning breakfast was delicious. Contrary to his previous concern, he was completely content with eating from his travel dishes after all! After breakfast, Ralphie decided … Continue reading

A Dog’s Thoughts by Ralphie


How do they get the peanut butter inside the pretzel? The world may never know. Sigh.


All day I sleep, look out the window and bark at people walking by. What a waste. I really should be chasing squirrels, or training for a 5K.


Sometimes it’s hard to be so good at something, such as lounging. I deserve a gold metal, or a plaque at least. Fine. I’d settle for a rawhide, but I won’t tell anyone! I have standards.


Really, another picture? Don’t you have enough already! It’s not like I’m going anywhere….


….or am I? Okay, okay here. I’ll pose! Ta-Da! Now, where’s my treat?