Ralphie visits his grand-parents!

Ralphie is getting ready to stay at his grandparents house for a few days.

He feels a little apprehensive when I tell him the news. You see, Ralphie still suffers from separation anxiety even though I remind him that he loves their house and once he gets there that’s all he knows.

I reassure him that they love him as much as I do!

He always dislikes sleep-overs by himself, even if it’s at a house he is familiar with…at first.

“I hate leaving my house and especially my special couch, see how comfortable I am?”


“And I will miss my romantic back yard at night.”


I do my best to tell him that he will have fun at his grandparents’ home.

After all, he can help with his grandma’s knitting.


He can bake gluten-free cake pops.


He can keep grandma company, and offer her his gluten-free beer from Carly Dog Brewing Co.


He even can take naps like usual.

“But, I will miss my bed.”


I told him that he could bring a toy to help with the transition.

“Like my bunny?”


“Or my frog?”


“Or my favorite bear?”


I told him that he could bring all three if he wanted. He did.

With that in mind, he now felt fully prepared.

“Okay, toys packed, I’ve had a bath, I think I’m ready.”


Not for long…

“But, how will I eat? Can I bring my special dishes?”


I told him that he can take his special travel stainless-steel dishes, not the porcelain ones. Those are for his house only.

I know once I leave him there he will be right at home.

“I will miss her as soon as she leaves, but it’s only for a few days. I can play with my toys, nap, help bake cake pops and knit…”I know I will be fine!


And he was.