Ralphie the little helper

Lil’ Ralphie was quite upset this morning when he found me working on my laptop and not paying attention to him. I was creating the Facebook page called, Scarves + Gloves + Wraps, which I made to showcase my mom’s hand-made knit wears. (Feel free to check out all of the one-of-a-kind pieces that will last a lifetime!)

Getting back to Ralphie, he was obviously feeling left out. He sat in front of me and looked up with such woeful eyes, “Look at me, darnit!”


I told him politely that I needed to get this project done before we left for a Superbowl Party. You’ll see our serious conversation below:


He refused to take no for an answer. He huffed away, came back with this hat and demanded that I take a picture of him. So I obliged:


“Hey, one more please!” he said. So, I did:


He felt victorious. “See, that was painless.”

Clearly being the main subject of so many photos has gone to his head.