To know Ralphie is to love him! Here is his story.


Perhaps you were wondering how Lil’ Ralphie entered my life and forever changed it for the better…(Oh you were wondering? Great!)

Steve and I adopted Ralphie five years ago on June 2, 2006 at the Huron Valley Humane Society (HVHS) in Ann Arbor.

To this day we really don’t know much about his “previous life” other than he wasn’t relinquished by his owner, looked rather dirty and his hair was really overgrown, sorta similar to the picture below. Though I swear, this picture doesn’t even come close too how overgrown & grimy his coat was! (I’ll have to find one to share!) Here he just looks unkempt, but you get the idea:


We knew we wanted to adopt a dog. I had two growing up. Steve never had a dog, or any kind of pet for that matter.
So, the idea of rescuing a little guy or girl made us feel happy and luckily (or sadly, depending on how you view it) there were many to choose from!

Going to “the pound” was an interesting experience, we visited many weekends in a row until we found the right dog who we thought had the right temperament for us.

The staff recognized us only after a few visits. We were pretty impressed by the sweet staff and volunteers who helped us take dogs out of their cages one at a time for a little “test walk” around the facility. They were very kind and gentle with each of the dogs–they truly seemed to love them.

Once outside, most dogs were more interested in eating grass, digging holes, jumping around or barking at other dogs, rather than paying attention to us, but then we saw how Ralphie (formerly known as Boris) was quite different!

Crazy, right? Boris!? That was actually Ralphie’s kennel name, though he didn’t seem to respond strongly when called that. Also, he did not look like a Boris to me. So, I was thinking about other names right away.

“If he becomes ours I’ll name him…Lucky, no. Rocket Dog, no. Ralphie, no. Wait. Yes, Ralphie–like from The Christmas Story. It’s Ralphie for sure!” Once we took this little mess of a guy out for a walk we knew he was the one for us.

But I digress…

He was the only dog who made perfect eye contact with us, looked up at us from the ground while he walked perfectly on a leash. I crouched down to his level and looked straight at him. Then the best thing happened! Picture this: He put his gentle, little paw straight on my knee, as if giving me permission to love him forever, asking me to take him home. My heart melted. SOLD! I Immediately, looked up at Steve and said, “I think this is our dog!” Needless to say, he agreed.

Here is a picture of him at the HVHS Annual Walk and Wag last year:


Yeah. He looks like a “Ralphie”. We’ll take him home. Since then, he has been the, Best. Dog. Ever.