Ralphie Post Baby!

Hi friends! You haven’t seen me in a while and for good reason. I became a big brother to a little baby girl on November 8, 2013! Having Hanna around has been a definite change to my life before baby. To explain, I will list the biggest changes for you. First off, my ranking in the house. I used to be first fiddle as they say, but now I’m second to this little cherub:

It’s pretty tough to compete with those dimples.

Second, my nighttime sleep. It is constantly interrupted! Before I could sleep soundly for 8 hours in a row, now maybe three hours straight followed by crying and then four more followed by crying. Once though, when she awoke we found her like this:


Thirdly, I don’t get bathed as much, or at all! Since Hanna’s arrival my look is closer to a mini-sheepdog than a schnauzer-poodle mix. See me on my bed in the first photo above, it’s embarrassing. I need a bath & haircut, now!

There are good things, however, too. Hanna is full of laughter, happiness and well, poop. (And I thought I had to go a lot!) Mom and Dad have this special container called a “Diaper Genie” that stores the smelly things. Though, it’s not THAT special, I have one of those too, it’s called a garbage can and it’s outside.

So far, Hanna gives me my space, but occasionally I try to get a little close, once I even licked her cheek. Though usually, this is as close as I get to the drooly baby:

As you can see, I’m not amused and still need a haircut.