Ralphie has some big news to share with you!

A baby girl!

A baby will be joining our little family of three! Oh. My. Goodness.

So, what you are telling me is that we will welcome a new family member this November?

A BABY!! Let me think about this for a minute…

Well, as long as I still get treats and snuggles I will be the best big brother!

Okay, I’ve decided that I’m officially excited!

Have any of you out there endured a new arrival like this in your family? Is sharing your parents difficult? I’m sure my one on one time will change, but I am excited to meet this new person come November!!

Exciting times ahead for me!


Happy New Year!

Ralphie wishes everyone a healthy, happy & prosperous 2013!

A new year represents a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh start to accomplish all the new goals that you set for yourself.

Good luck this year and remember to have FUN no matter what you do!


Breakfast of Champions

Ralphie is getting bored with his normal breakfast routine and seeking alternatives.

Yum! That looks good, can I have some?


No, Ralphie! Cereal and milk isn’t for dogs!

Well, what about that? It smells really good! May I have some?


No, Ralphie. Orange juice isn’t for dogs.

Oh okay. Something smells good…I think it’s coffee. I love the smell AND taste of coffee! May I have some?


No Ralphie, coffee isn’t for dogs. Caffeine isn’t good for you!

Okay. What is that? I smell strawberry and banana! May I have some of that?


No Ralphie, smoothies aren’t for dogs. As much as I know you love strawberries and bananas, this smoothie is mine, so, no you can’t have any.

Fine… What can I have then? Your chicken salad looks good! May I have some of that?


No Ralphie, chicken salad isn’t for dogs. In any case, this isn’t a breakfast option.

Really? Hrumpf! Fine then. What CAN I have?


Ralphie, how about your own special breakfast that you eat everyday?


I accept! Thanks, after all this is my favorite option!


Now time for my favorite past-time, a nap! Zzzzzz.


Have a great day!

Ralphie & his new vaccum!

Ralphie has been distracted by the fact that our carpet needs to be vacuumed. He can be quite a prima-donna when he wants to be!

I was too tired to put together our new portable vacuum, so I asked Ralphie for assistance.

Here is his response:






In the end, this looked to be an even easier task than I had imagined.

Good job Ralphie! Next time, I’ll ask you to do the vacuuming, too!

Happy Sunday, everyone.

What is Ralphie doing now?

What is Ralphie doing now, you ask?

He’s getting ready for a walk with his new harness.



“I really like the snuggly fit and the fact that I’ll no longer have that annoying tugging feeling on my neck when I pull too hard. This great invention makes my walks much more comfortable. Thanks guys!!”

Cheers to a great week, readers!