Breakfast of Champions

Ralphie is getting bored with his normal breakfast routine and seeking alternatives.

Yum! That looks good, can I have some?


No, Ralphie! Cereal and milk isn’t for dogs!

Well, what about that? It smells really good! May I have some?


No, Ralphie. Orange juice isn’t for dogs.

Oh okay. Something smells good…I think it’s coffee. I love the smell AND taste of coffee! May I have some?


No Ralphie, coffee isn’t for dogs. Caffeine isn’t good for you!

Okay. What is that? I smell strawberry and banana! May I have some of that?


No Ralphie, smoothies aren’t for dogs. As much as I know you love strawberries and bananas, this smoothie is mine, so, no you can’t have any.

Fine… What can I have then? Your chicken salad looks good! May I have some of that?


No Ralphie, chicken salad isn’t for dogs. In any case, this isn’t a breakfast option.

Really? Hrumpf! Fine then. What CAN I have?


Ralphie, how about your own special breakfast that you eat everyday?


I accept! Thanks, after all this is my favorite option!


Now time for my favorite past-time, a nap! Zzzzzz.


Have a great day!