Wonder dog Wednesday, a day early!

What is Ralphie wondering?


Why, you ask?

Ralphie, our allergy-ridden dog, gets a tee-shirt to protect his skin from scratching too much. Luckily, we bathed him yesterday with a medicated-vet prescribed-shampoo! So he should feel better soon!!



Ralphie, we love you!! Get better soon.


4 thoughts on “Wonder dog Wednesday, a day early!

  1. oh oh oh! your shirt look so cute on you!!! our Mommy has got allergies too, she is sometimes allergic to us so she put a shirt on us so she can still hug us… get well soon buddy!

    love and wet kissess,
    Angel and Chaos

    • Thanks, Angel and Chaos!! Ralphie is finally feeling better and running around without his shirt.

      Happy days ahead!

      Thanks for checking our our Blog! We are enjoying yours as well. 🙂

      Warmest regards,

      Ralphie & Sanna

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