Ralphie enjoys his backyard garden!

Strolling around his own backyard, Ralphie realizes he can enjoy a park like experience right at home.

What’s over here?

Look at me, I’d make a pretty cute garden gnome!

See? Here’s my garden gnome impersonation.

Oh look! These daisies are so cheerful!

Here’s a pretty asiatic lily in orange!

Here is a yellow one!

There’s something about this weeping higan cherry tree that I like. It’s a good shady spot for me to lay next to!

These purple cone-like flowers are pretty! I like its modern shape.

Check out this Dwarf Fat Albert Blue Spruce!! I like dwarves, especially the ones that live with Snow White! Also, this tree could double as a Christmas tree in the winter, though I don’t think they will cut it down. (No, we won’t.)

Oh I found the compost pile!! It’s behind these two freshly planted trees!! A good smelling hiding spot. Though, I see that they’ve blocked me out. Better to be safe than sorry, as I hate belly aches. I’d promise stay away even if it wasn’t fenced off!

Whoa! That’s a big tree compared to me! I wonder how tall it will become? I guess I will have to wait and see!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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