Happy Birthday, Ralphie!


In memory of my loving Grandma Ann who shares this birthday with Ralphie, from heaven.

We adopted Ralphie on June 2, 2006, so we made that day his “birthday”, too.

My grandma was with me in spirit on that special day and because of that, I believe that is why Ralphie found us!

Ralphie truly carries her joyful spirit with him everyday. Because of him, the memory of my Grandma is never far from my heart or thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ralphie!

  1. It is amazing how when we have someone who we’ve love and has loved us so. watching over us, that little and sometimes big miracles can happen in our lives! Your grandmother was a wonderful lady, and Ralphie is just the sweetest fella! 🙂 Erin

    • Thanks, Erin!! I really appreciate that.
      Love what your blog is doing—so insightful and uplifting. I really enjoy reading your entries. Thanks for being so sweet!

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