Wonder dog Wednesday!


Ralphie wonders:

“What would it be like to pick up that paddle and actually get on the board for a ride?”

“…On second thought, I’d rather take a nap on the beach.”


The Reader Appreciation Award goes to The Ralphie Chronicles!!


What a pleasant surprise!! We are honored to be nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award by Erin of Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life, a truly inspiring blog that offers advice and insight everyday that fits into my everyday life.

Thank you, Erin, for nominating my blog, The Ralphie Chronicles!! It’s means a lot to me!!


Ralphie requested to answer these questions from his point of view. Here are his answers:

1. What is your favorite color? It’s a tie between fire engine red and cobalt blue

2. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Water, naturally.

3. What is your favorite animal? Dogs!

4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Neither, I’m a dog and can’t type on my own.

5. What is your favorite pattern? Definitely paisley

6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents? Getting them! Woof! However, I do like giving the gift of love as often as possible to my people!

7. What is your favorite number? 17

8. What is your favorite day of the week? That’s Friday! My people can really relax with me and we stay up late to watch The Jimmy Fallon Show.

9. What is your favorite flower? Gerber daises

10. What’s your passion? Playing a strong game of catch and taking long walks outside. Also, I absolutely, paws down, LOVE snuggling on my people’s laps!

I’d like to nominate a couple blogs that I find enjoyable and fun to read!

Coco J. Ginger Says

The Misadventures of Misaki

Paws to Talk

Thanks again, Erin! Readers, if you haven’t come across her blog, check it out!

Also, a huge thank you to all the readers out there who enjoy & check out my blog on a regular basis. I really appreciate each of you!! Ralphie sends along his love, too.


Ralphie is a true beach bum at heart!

Hey guys, come on let’s hit the road! I hope they packed my food, a brush & and (paws crossed) my Duckers.


Rise and shine guys! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to play!


Hmm, breakfast first. What to have? Yum, that snack looks good!


You want to play inside first? Okay. (How can I say no to this cute face?)


Look what I have. They remembered to pack Duckers!!


We can play inside for a little bit, Meg, but let’s go to the beach soon! Look, I made a tower out of blocks.


That was impressive, right? Ready for beach time now? Come on, let’s head down. I mean, look at the view!


Hip hip Hooray, it’s officially beach time!


Thanks for taking me down to the water, Addy.


I like to play on the beach with the girls. Look at all their toys!


Alright, I’m going in!


Hey, got any treats to reward me for going into the lake? Looks like you do!


Wow. That was a fun paddle board ride!


I’m tired and ready to lay down.


Okay, enough laying around. How about a walk in the woods?


Hey wait up!


I love the outdoors up here, I can be off my leash!!


Haha, I beat everyone back to the cottage and now I’m super hot. Let’s go down to the lake, as I need to cool off again.


Oh boy, I think another treat is in my future!


I love being in the water, though only for a little bit at a time. By the way, that cup just looks like a beer, it’s actually filled with water!


When I get tired, I like to rest on the steps up to the house where there’s some shade.


When the girls want to head up to the house, I make sure they take it slow and hold the railing to be safe.


All in all, the long weekend at the cottage was a complete success! It
really couldn’t have been any better!


In fact, I can’t wait until we visit again this summer. Until then, I’ll leave you with this view!


If you couldn’t tell by his commentary, Ralphie had a great time in Northern Michigan with his cousins, Addy and Meg!

With all the playing, walking & swimming, Ralphie slept quite soundly each night in the cottage. On the way home he even curled up in a ball and totally zonked out for the ride.*


Stay tuned for more of Ralphie’s up north adventures this summer!

Thanks for stopping by!!

*If you were wondering, Ralphie snuck up to the front seat for the latter part of the ride home, but normally he stays in the backseat for all car rides. 🙂

Ralphie enjoys his backyard garden!

Strolling around his own backyard, Ralphie realizes he can enjoy a park like experience right at home.

What’s over here?

Look at me, I’d make a pretty cute garden gnome!

See? Here’s my garden gnome impersonation.

Oh look! These daisies are so cheerful!

Here’s a pretty asiatic lily in orange!

Here is a yellow one!

There’s something about this weeping higan cherry tree that I like. It’s a good shady spot for me to lay next to!

These purple cone-like flowers are pretty! I like its modern shape.

Check out this Dwarf Fat Albert Blue Spruce!! I like dwarves, especially the ones that live with Snow White! Also, this tree could double as a Christmas tree in the winter, though I don’t think they will cut it down. (No, we won’t.)

Oh I found the compost pile!! It’s behind these two freshly planted trees!! A good smelling hiding spot. Though, I see that they’ve blocked me out. Better to be safe than sorry, as I hate belly aches. I’d promise stay away even if it wasn’t fenced off!

Whoa! That’s a big tree compared to me! I wonder how tall it will become? I guess I will have to wait and see!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Ralphie says…

Ralphie has a little announcement:


By the way, stay tuned for my upcoming adventures between me and my adorable cousins. The fun begins this June when we travel to northern Michigan for a long weekend together!!

I wonder what sort of shenanigans they will get me into at the cottage! Hmmm.

Stay tuned for the fun and thank you for stopping by!

Happy Birthday, Ralphie!


In memory of my loving Grandma Ann who shares this birthday with Ralphie, from heaven.

We adopted Ralphie on June 2, 2006, so we made that day his “birthday”, too.

My grandma was with me in spirit on that special day and because of that, I believe that is why Ralphie found us!

Ralphie truly carries her joyful spirit with him everyday. Because of him, the memory of my Grandma is never far from my heart or thoughts.

Ralphie makes a few new friends this summer!

Ralphie is spreading his friendship wings.

He showed me such maturity when we went to this year’s Humane Society of Huron Valley’s Walk and Wag!

How you ask? Well, he wasn’t showing any signs of stress this year compared to last year where he would expect me to pick him up and carry him, panted a lot and just wasn’t quite interested in any of the other dogs.

This year he was calm, cool and curious about his fellow canines!

Here’s what the day looked like from Ralphie’s perspective:



Enjoy the day, friends!