Ralphie fits in a midday walk at his favorite park!

If outdoor speakers were in the trees, “What a Beautiful Day” would have been playing through the leaves along Ralphie’s walk this afternoon.

I must admit we both had a great walk together. Sunny, in the 70s with a slight breeze. Who wouldn’t have enjoyed a great time outside on a day like today.

Through the eyes of Ralphie, here’s what his walk at County Farm Park looked like.

Welcome to Ralphie’s favorite local park!


“Let’s go.”


“Oh my, look how gigantic that flower is! It couldn’t possibly be real.”


“Hey, it’s my friend Dagny the Golden Doodle! How did she find out about my favorite park? Hi Dagny!”


“I bet if I were a person, I’d really like to sit on that particular bench and enjoy the peace and quiet.”


“I wonder what type of wild flowers those are, or are they weeds?”


“Hey, I see different flowers up there. Let’s get a closer look, follow me!”


“These are very pretty! What color are they?



“Can you take a picture of me sitting with the purple flowers (though I don’t know what purple is) in the background, please?”

Ralphie is alway so polite!


“Thanks. Oh look over here, what type of plant is this? I really like these little blossoms and they are WHITE, finally a color I can recognize!”


As you can see, it was quite a picturesque day. Just look at that bright blue sky and sun as we continued along the winding trail.



As our walk continued, I could tell Ralphie needed a break in the shade and some water.

“I’m getting a little thirsty.”


“Thanks, you read my mind!”


“Okay, I’m ready for more walking, are you?”


So off we went.



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