“Keeping up with the Ralphie”

Sweet Ralphie has been watching a little reality television lately and decided to put on a mini-show of his own for our enjoyment!

“If I look at you with this face, could you possibly say no to me? Probably not. Feed me a treat. Stat!”


“I know the strength that is my cuteness. Get my agent on the phone. I should be in Pedigree Dog Food commercials, after all I was a shelter dog once.”


“What’s happening outside now? The paparazzi squirrels! Fantastic timing…Er, I mean, oh no not again. Go hound someone else!”


“My cuteness factor must have gone viral! Those squirrels are smarter than they look, they found my house. Quick, fetch me my sunglasses…You never know when they might steal a close-up shot. Now, let’s go for a walk.”


The End

I think he’s quite the actor! Isn’t he?


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