Ralphie says Happy Memorial Day!

Ralphie says, “Happy Memorial Day, everyone!”


Today we remember the men and women who died while serving our country.

Thank you for keeping my home & our shared homeland safe!


As you surround yourself with friends and family today, remember the sacrifices that past (and present) military men and women had to make with their own lives to give us the freedoms we experience everyday.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without each of you.

Finally, remember to keep cool if plan to spend long hours outside today.

Ralphie says, “Ice-cream is a great idea for you and keep water handy for your four-legged friends!”


Thank you and enjoy the sunshine today!!

HVHS Annual Walk & Wag!

Ralphie attended the Huron Valley Humane Society’s Annual Walk & Wag last Saturday! He had a great time and received an alumni bandana. (You know how much he likes his bandana collection!!)

It was a very hot and sunny day, so we knew early on he might need several breaks.


“Hey, I need a little break. My tongue is about to fall off!”

So we found some shade for him and iced coffees for us.


“Hooray for shade! Now if I could only enjoy an iced mocha.”


“Can I have a cold beverage like you’re drinking?”

What? This?


No. Coffee isn’t for dogs.

“Fine, water is better for me anyway.”


“Okay, now I’m hydrated and ready for more!”


It’s such a beautiful day out. So we decide to head out again!


Happy walking and wagging!


Enjoy the rest of the day!

Ralphie fits in a midday walk at his favorite park!

If outdoor speakers were in the trees, “What a Beautiful Day” would have been playing through the leaves along Ralphie’s walk this afternoon.

I must admit we both had a great walk together. Sunny, in the 70s with a slight breeze. Who wouldn’t have enjoyed a great time outside on a day like today.

Through the eyes of Ralphie, here’s what his walk at County Farm Park looked like.

Welcome to Ralphie’s favorite local park!


“Let’s go.”


“Oh my, look how gigantic that flower is! It couldn’t possibly be real.”


“Hey, it’s my friend Dagny the Golden Doodle! How did she find out about my favorite park? Hi Dagny!”


“I bet if I were a person, I’d really like to sit on that particular bench and enjoy the peace and quiet.”


“I wonder what type of wild flowers those are, or are they weeds?”


“Hey, I see different flowers up there. Let’s get a closer look, follow me!”


“These are very pretty! What color are they?



“Can you take a picture of me sitting with the purple flowers (though I don’t know what purple is) in the background, please?”

Ralphie is alway so polite!


“Thanks. Oh look over here, what type of plant is this? I really like these little blossoms and they are WHITE, finally a color I can recognize!”


As you can see, it was quite a picturesque day. Just look at that bright blue sky and sun as we continued along the winding trail.



As our walk continued, I could tell Ralphie needed a break in the shade and some water.

“I’m getting a little thirsty.”


“Thanks, you read my mind!”


“Okay, I’m ready for more walking, are you?”


So off we went.


It’s summertime, so Ralphie needs a summer cut!

Today was what I like to call, Ralphie Grooming Day

We coax him into the tub for a good scrub, then dry him with a hairdryer (low heat of course!) and then give him a haircut using clippers and scissors.

Since the weather was so nice today, we were able to take him outside and put him on the picnic table—by the way, this technique is so much easier on our backs, compared to the kitchen floor method!



Surprisingly, Ralphie was completely agreeable with our plan!

For some reason, we think this was exactly what he wanted to do today…







He’s not certain if he likes his legs looking so skinny, but this way he will stay cool outside and won’t need another haircut for a while. (Pretty nice for us, his personal grooming team.)

Happy Sunday, or what we like to call, Ralphie Grooming Day!

Thanks for reading. Please stop by again for more, “Adventures of Ralphie the Schnoodle”.