Ralphie shows us what he knows, plus a little secret!

Ralphie knows a lot of things. It’s amazing how many commands he has mastered over his 10 years! It’s genius really.

So, we would like to share with you a few of his amazing tricks and tips today.









Then, one day during a horrible thunderstorm, we discovered his fantastic secret!

We knew that loud claps of thunder and flashes of lightning caused Ralphie extreme of anxiety, but we did not know the bathroom was his “safe place”. He figured this out all on his own!! (Good boy.)

We came home from work after a huge storm with hail and tornado warnings and found the shower curtain askew and the bath mat rumpled in the tub!

These were telltale signs that Ralphie had been in there since we know he likes to have a towel on the tub floor when he gets bathed and I always pull the curtain closed.

A funny moment when we returned from work on another stormy day, we actually found Ralphie shut inside the bathroom…Poor little guy! Since then, we continue to put a door stopper down before we leave for work everyday.

If you can imagine, this is what it looked like. (A little reenactment by our little actor!)




Ralphie hasn’t been trapped in the bathroom since that one time, but we know that he has been in the tub on a few more occasions.

Clearly, he hasn’t figured out how to take the mat out of the tub yet, the key word being yet!


Does your pup have any fun tricks and secrets of their own? Let us know!


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