Ralphie gets a haircut!

It’s time for Ralphie’s in-home haircut!

Here’s the complete task from start to finish! He’s so patient. (Steve is patient too!)

To achieve the best results all you need is a nice pair of clippers, scissors and a brush. Ralphie loves to be brushed! Oh and treats, you must reward the little guy with plenty of Milkbones!

There’s definitely a lot of love throughout the whole process and sometimes a little friendly coaxing is required.

We’ve been doing this ever since we brought Ralphie home. Taking him to a groomer makes him really stressed out, so to keep him happy and stress-free Steve has mastered the art of his

Signature Ralphie haircut!

The tools:


Make sure you get my ears trimmed!


Steve, I am trying to sit still for you.


Please don’t trim my sides too short!


Stop! I think you might not realize how short you’re trimming me…I have an image to uphold. I’m getting outta here!


What, this look is all the rage you say? Well, in that case I’ll let you finish. Thanks, I love you too, Steve!


Make sure you trim around my nose just right!


And make sure you get the top of my head, it’s getting rather long.



Are we almost finished?


How am I looking so far?


The finished look:


Ralphie was happy throughout, as he’s quite used to this routine and was rewarded with plenty of treats afterwards.

Do you think Ralphie is handsome or what? (I’m pretty biased!) This is his pre-summer cut, he’ll shrink a tad more after his summer cut. Stay-tuned.

Thanks for reading today’s entry in The Ralphie Chronicles!


One thought on “Ralphie gets a haircut!

  1. Ralphie,

    You look great! We love the photos of you being groomed! We are going to the groomer tomorrow. Our fur is covering our eyes. We wish we got clipped at home but we have a lot of hair.

    Bella and DiDi

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