Happy Easter Ralphie! You’ve been a good boy.

Upon waking up on Sunday morning I gave Ralphie a new toy for Easter, a little beanie baby named Duckers.



Forget about durable, cold rubber chew toys for this dog, Ralphie absolutely loves getting new plush toys for his in-home entertainment! As expected, he immediately took a liking to Duckers and now they are inseparable!


Whenever Ralphie receives a new toy he promptly forgets about his older toys and holds on to the new one with gusto!

He proudly parades it around the house, showing everyone he can get to pay attention. He actually walks around while holding it in his mouth looking up at anyone who will look down at him and his new toy. Of course we all do, “Awww, that’s a nice toy buddy!”



I’ve tested my theory of his forgetting about his older toys by trying to take his new toy away, handing him an older toy, then hiding it in his new toy basket. You have probably guessed that he just won’t accept any substitutes!


No sir. He refuses the toy in my hand. (Though I end up getting Duckers, after all I’m bigger than he is!) Sure enough he trots back to the toy basket to grab his new toy, in this case Duckers.



I think Ralphie loves Duckers as much as I love Ralphie!

At the end of the day everyone is happy.



Happy Easter and Passover everyone!


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