Ralphie, it’s time for your bath!

Ralphie needs a bath. Why? He’s starting to smell like a dog.

The majority of the time he is a remarkably sweet-smelling pup. In fact, I often compare the scent of his paws to corn chips–it’s true! Smell your dog’s paws and see if it compares!

Ralphie normally smells warm and snuggly. I won’t go as far to say he smells like freshly baked cookies, but he IS the nicest smelling dog I’ve ever (smelled) met. He’s the most “non-dog” dog I’ve ever known. (I mean the fact that I can dress him up in anything without him twitching or fighting to take the stuff off. The way he patiently sits for the camera, even the way he cutely snores during his sleep, etc. He’s like an adorable little old man dressed in a dog suit.)

But I digress…

Today, Ralphie simply needs a bath. Why? He smells “like a dog”. Like the wetness outside, yes, that’s what he smells like. Not horrific, or anything, but he’s just missing that fresh scent that makes you want to nuzzle into his temples and fall in love with him all over again.

Part one to Ralphie’s bath is to prepare the bathroom. That’s right, we (when I say we I mean Steve, I’m the friendly bath assistant) do in-home grooming for lil’ Ralphie. We tried official groomers and it did not go over well for the little guy.


Once the towels are in place, mainly for the bath after-math, Ralphie arrives and happily jumps in the tub without hesitation! Okay, okay, it’s not that simple, he needs a little coaxing, but he’ll get in within a few minutes. Then the fun really begins!
















2 thoughts on “Ralphie, it’s time for your bath!

    • Hmm, we can certainly try for a Kung Fu master mustache!!!

      As for Oscar night he will be wearing his oh so daper tuxedo bow tie!

      Because of your awesome suggestion, I’m thinking of collecting hats for him. Check back to see what a great head-wear model he will be! I’m sure it will be a riot!!

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