Ralphie’s travel diary: Day 3 at his grandparents’ house.

It’s Day 3 of Ralphie’s stay at his grand-parents house!

He sent me a note with pictures to show how much fun he has been having. I’ve added it below. Enjoy!

Dear Sanna & Steve,

Since you left me here, all is well! I don’t know why I was so concerned at first. I’ve been keeping pretty busy.

I actually helped with some knitting! Well, I sat there and watched grandma knit.


She knitted a pair of socks for me. Here I am wearing them. I’m not really sure if I will wear these again, ever…


Here I am preparing for a nap.


And here, I’m napping. Quiet please.


Here I am laying on the kitchen floor. As you can see I really like lying around making observations.


What’s going on over here?


I noticed that they have a bird feeder outside their kitchen window!


I saw a Bluejay. I heard that those birds are mean!


I saw a squirrel with some other birds, I would have liked to join them. I wonder what they were talking about?


I decided to check out what was happening at the kitchen table.


I was told to sit down, but not before I shared my adorable “love me” look. It never fails. They gave me a treat right afterwards!


Wait a minute. How did these socks get back on my feet?


To be continued…

What sort of things would YOU like to see Ralphie do during his stay at his grandparents house? He has 5 days left!


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