Ralphie, it’s time for your bath!

Ralphie needs a bath. Why? He’s starting to smell like a dog.

The majority of the time he is a remarkably sweet-smelling pup. In fact, I often compare the scent of his paws to corn chips–it’s true! Smell your dog’s paws and see if it compares!

Ralphie normally smells warm and snuggly. I won’t go as far to say he smells like freshly baked cookies, but he IS the nicest smelling dog I’ve ever (smelled) met. He’s the most “non-dog” dog I’ve ever known. (I mean the fact that I can dress him up in anything without him twitching or fighting to take the stuff off. The way he patiently sits for the camera, even the way he cutely snores during his sleep, etc. He’s like an adorable little old man dressed in a dog suit.)

But I digress…

Today, Ralphie simply needs a bath. Why? He smells “like a dog”. Like the wetness outside, yes, that’s what he smells like. Not horrific, or anything, but he’s just missing that fresh scent that makes you want to nuzzle into his temples and fall in love with him all over again.

Part one to Ralphie’s bath is to prepare the bathroom. That’s right, we (when I say we I mean Steve, I’m the friendly bath assistant) do in-home grooming for lil’ Ralphie. We tried official groomers and it did not go over well for the little guy.


Once the towels are in place, mainly for the bath after-math, Ralphie arrives and happily jumps in the tub without hesitation! Okay, okay, it’s not that simple, he needs a little coaxing, but he’ll get in within a few minutes. Then the fun really begins!















Ralphie’s travel diary: Day 3 at his grandparents’ house.

It’s Day 3 of Ralphie’s stay at his grand-parents house!

He sent me a note with pictures to show how much fun he has been having. I’ve added it below. Enjoy!

Dear Sanna & Steve,

Since you left me here, all is well! I don’t know why I was so concerned at first. I’ve been keeping pretty busy.

I actually helped with some knitting! Well, I sat there and watched grandma knit.


She knitted a pair of socks for me. Here I am wearing them. I’m not really sure if I will wear these again, ever…


Here I am preparing for a nap.


And here, I’m napping. Quiet please.


Here I am laying on the kitchen floor. As you can see I really like lying around making observations.


What’s going on over here?


I noticed that they have a bird feeder outside their kitchen window!


I saw a Bluejay. I heard that those birds are mean!


I saw a squirrel with some other birds, I would have liked to join them. I wonder what they were talking about?


I decided to check out what was happening at the kitchen table.


I was told to sit down, but not before I shared my adorable “love me” look. It never fails. They gave me a treat right afterwards!


Wait a minute. How did these socks get back on my feet?


To be continued…

What sort of things would YOU like to see Ralphie do during his stay at his grandparents house? He has 5 days left!

Ralphie visits his grand-parents!

Ralphie is getting ready to stay at his grandparents house for a few days.

He feels a little apprehensive when I tell him the news. You see, Ralphie still suffers from separation anxiety even though I remind him that he loves their house and once he gets there that’s all he knows.

I reassure him that they love him as much as I do!

He always dislikes sleep-overs by himself, even if it’s at a house he is familiar with…at first.

“I hate leaving my house and especially my special couch, see how comfortable I am?”


“And I will miss my romantic back yard at night.”


I do my best to tell him that he will have fun at his grandparents’ home.

After all, he can help with his grandma’s knitting.


He can bake gluten-free cake pops.


He can keep grandma company, and offer her his gluten-free beer from Carly Dog Brewing Co.


He even can take naps like usual.

“But, I will miss my bed.”


I told him that he could bring a toy to help with the transition.

“Like my bunny?”


“Or my frog?”


“Or my favorite bear?”


I told him that he could bring all three if he wanted. He did.

With that in mind, he now felt fully prepared.

“Okay, toys packed, I’ve had a bath, I think I’m ready.”


Not for long…

“But, how will I eat? Can I bring my special dishes?”


I told him that he can take his special travel stainless-steel dishes, not the porcelain ones. Those are for his house only.

I know once I leave him there he will be right at home.

“I will miss her as soon as she leaves, but it’s only for a few days. I can play with my toys, nap, help bake cake pops and knit…”I know I will be fine!


And he was.

Ralphie helps with the microwave!

Ralphie noticed that our microwave, which was usually secured on the wall above the stove, was laying on the kitchen floor today.


Ralphie noticed this immediately since it was taking up prime floor space for lounging. He offered his assistance with hanging it back up.


I told Ralphie that it was too difficult a job for a little dog.

Unable to take no for an answer, he proudly walked over to Steve’s tools and brought back this:


However, Ralphie didn’t realize that a caulking gun wasn’t needed. He just thought it looked important.

I asked him to return it and mentioned that we needed a drill for this job. He grabbed one, but Ralphie knew in his heart that he would not be able to use this tool:


Upon seeing this I laughed. I explained to Ralphie that he would only be able to use that tool if he had opposable thumbs!

“Bummer,” exclaimed Ralphie. However, he was determined to help in any way he could. In fact, he realized that if he was to help out, then he better wear protective eyewear.


Needless, Ralphie is quite smart.

I thanked him for his power tool safety astuteness and offered him a treat if he indeed got the job done.


He went into the kitchen and came out after about an hour.


“Well, after much trial an error, I got the job done,” Ralphie said proudly.

So, I walked into the kitchen and to my dismay I saw this:


I had no idea how he accomplished such a huge task. I asked, but he refused to share his secret. So, it was looking like I needed pay up.


Here you go, little guy!


Thank you, Ralphie!


You are quite welcome, Sanna.


To know Ralphie is to love him! Here is his story.


Perhaps you were wondering how Lil’ Ralphie entered my life and forever changed it for the better…(Oh you were wondering? Great!)

Steve and I adopted Ralphie five years ago on June 2, 2006 at the Huron Valley Humane Society (HVHS) in Ann Arbor.

To this day we really don’t know much about his “previous life” other than he wasn’t relinquished by his owner, looked rather dirty and his hair was really overgrown, sorta similar to the picture below. Though I swear, this picture doesn’t even come close too how overgrown & grimy his coat was! (I’ll have to find one to share!) Here he just looks unkempt, but you get the idea:


We knew we wanted to adopt a dog. I had two growing up. Steve never had a dog, or any kind of pet for that matter.
So, the idea of rescuing a little guy or girl made us feel happy and luckily (or sadly, depending on how you view it) there were many to choose from!

Going to “the pound” was an interesting experience, we visited many weekends in a row until we found the right dog who we thought had the right temperament for us.

The staff recognized us only after a few visits. We were pretty impressed by the sweet staff and volunteers who helped us take dogs out of their cages one at a time for a little “test walk” around the facility. They were very kind and gentle with each of the dogs–they truly seemed to love them.

Once outside, most dogs were more interested in eating grass, digging holes, jumping around or barking at other dogs, rather than paying attention to us, but then we saw how Ralphie (formerly known as Boris) was quite different!

Crazy, right? Boris!? That was actually Ralphie’s kennel name, though he didn’t seem to respond strongly when called that. Also, he did not look like a Boris to me. So, I was thinking about other names right away.

“If he becomes ours I’ll name him…Lucky, no. Rocket Dog, no. Ralphie, no. Wait. Yes, Ralphie–like from The Christmas Story. It’s Ralphie for sure!” Once we took this little mess of a guy out for a walk we knew he was the one for us.

But I digress…

He was the only dog who made perfect eye contact with us, looked up at us from the ground while he walked perfectly on a leash. I crouched down to his level and looked straight at him. Then the best thing happened! Picture this: He put his gentle, little paw straight on my knee, as if giving me permission to love him forever, asking me to take him home. My heart melted. SOLD! I Immediately, looked up at Steve and said, “I think this is our dog!” Needless to say, he agreed.

Here is a picture of him at the HVHS Annual Walk and Wag last year:


Yeah. He looks like a “Ralphie”. We’ll take him home. Since then, he has been the, Best. Dog. Ever.